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Shore duty and out?

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Long story short...

Submarine life is a fantastically rewarding experience, but with a wife and now kids.. it really isn't for me. (Too much time from home)

When I was up for shore duty on CMSID a few months ago I stumbled upon the Nautilus orders. The fact that myself and my wife are from CT and that I will have time to finish my degree I said to myself:  "Why not?"

A week later I had received an email that my application was accepted and that they are waiting on a school to open up prior to cutting orders. (I have spoken with the detailer twice, still going)

I am qualified mostly everything. QAI, LELT, EWS, EDPO and I am the EDTA.  My CO has told me more than once that he would like to see me go LDO and work from NR. I would absolutely love to go, but now with these orders I think I really made that idea impossible. I chose my family needs over my NAVY career, I just hope it doesn't bite me in the butt later. I am planning on using my off time to finish my degree.

So. since these orders are not a training prototype/school, am I really hurting my chances of becoming an NLO if I ever decide to go nuclear?

Any feedback is welcome, thanks.


Obviously he hasnt been paying attention to the industry


--- Quote from: Rerun on Jun 24, 2016, 05:17 ---Obviously he hasnt been paying attention to the industry

--- End quote ---

well, he has been going to sea on a submarine, not much of a worldview inside the people tank,...

TTP - you're already an operator, take the orders and enjoy the USN for a change,...

just to help you feel your youth;

I deconned a bit of the Nautilus engineering spaces during my R-5 stint, circa 1987-1988,...uh huh,... 8)

Yet he had time to post here... He had plenty of time to research


--- Quote from: Rerun on Jun 24, 2016, 11:30 ---Yet he had time to post here... He had plenty of time to research

--- End quote ---

point conceded, I'll posit that folks do throw ideas against the thread wall just to see what others might have to contribute to their own musings,...

if it was me, looking back, I'd keep my options open, the Navy is always a livable last resort and a known devil,...

duty on the Nautilus could introduce the OP to a career possibility the typical nuke career path would not have revealed,...

as long as the OP makes E-7 before the twenty year mark he can stay in past 20 if the civilian nukes go extinct in his lifetime,...

as long as the OP stays fit and viable, his employment (including self-employment) options continue out into his 70s,...

particularly well founded with a Navy retirement under his belt should he navigate such options,...

plus some savvy financial work during the interim,...

it's all good baby, it's all good,... 8)


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