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Best Food Served At A Nuclear Site

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My vote would have to go to both FPL Plants.  The best food service of any plant I've been to.

Talk about a blast from the past...I remember the highly aclaimed $100.00 sandwiches that were served at a plant in South Jersey...had to eat them with a straw...not that I would know from any rumored experience...How about you Rapid...bring back memories?

I thought the $100 sandwiches were at turkey point?

I love a great steak salad at beaver valley!

I love a great cheese steak at salem!

I love a great shimburger at calvert cliffs!

I love those huge breakfast's at a resturaunt called linda's at seabrook.I think they use dinosaur eggs

:)  I thought the food at Palo Verde was excellent.  Not always esay to get depending on which unit you were working.  The view at Pilgrim was great especially when the public provided live entertainment on the rocks below!  Anybody else remember that one?  Security steped in and ended the show.  

Ft. Calhoun had a great caf. Good food with a veiw of the river and all those ducks and geasse on the other side of the river.
VERYONE stopped for lunch...and if you didn't play cards you only had 15 mins. to finish your lunch ;D


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