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Author Topic: If you think the New Navy is different wait to you seer the New New Navy  (Read 5798 times)

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73 Mare Island Nuc School  74 Narwold Prototype  75 SSBN-623 Nathan Hale

80 Grad College     81 Aviator training       83 Weapons Officer on S-3 Submarine Hunter (Ranger & Kitty Hawk)

It was all good.  Some of the best times of my life.  Now I develop computer systems for Navy Manpower and Personnel...

In 5 to 7 years, the vision Navy Leadership is to contract out all Navy Jobs.  Go on line, fill out an application if you are qualified and selected you contract for like 4 years as a CPO on a ship.  Then you go on line and apply to some other job or when you time is up you are like most contractors. Out of a job.

That is the vision. I see some great possibilities and I see some huge problems.  How do you measure in an application that a Sailor is willing to risk his life for his country or for his fellow ship mates????

Just a guestion from some one who is too far down the food chain to ask it of anyone else. Ha ha ha

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Sounds like the system they use for Chaplains. Should be interesting.
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Sounds like someone in management should cancel their subscription to Soldier of Fortune. A mercenary Navy...interesting indeed.
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And I thought you were kidding lol...until I found several related articles such as this one:

New life for old sea dogs....


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I can't even imagine the old Navy.  I'm dissappointed in this "new" Navy.  The new navy is a social welfare system more than it is a national defense network.  Not at all what I expected.  I'm only a little over three years my first enlistment as a m-div sub sailor, but I wish I was a sub sailor ten or fifteen years ago.  This navy is just like our great country, as sad as it is to say, falling away from the basic principles that she was built and made her great.  Come on we're trying to be hardcore US sailors not proper college yuppies!


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There are aspects of the "old days" that were great, and aspects of today's navy that are not bad either.

It was, and is never going to be, perfect.

For years, sailor's clamored for the opportunities that we have today.  15 years ago, sailors were begging for time and money to go to school.  In my eyes, supoort for enlisted higher education is a HUGE victory for us enlisted folks. 
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