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I need to buy a publishing program. My research seems to lean toward CorelDRAW (a bit expensive) I expected it to be Microsoft publisher. Before I buy I would like some input. Anyone have a favorite for any reason.

 ??? [coffee]

What is the product you are wanting to create?

CorelDRAW is for drawing things.  Publisher is for making products. (Newsletters, etc)

Most of the things Publisher can do, MS Word, excel, or Powerpoint can do.

None of them are GREAT drawing programs, if drawing is what you want to do.

Newsletter, flyers, and posters. When I did the search for publishing programs CorelDraw was included.

Is anyone using Microsoft 360 for home? Do you like it?


--- Quote from: Marlin on Sep 18, 2016, 01:14 ---Is anyone using Microsoft 360 for home? Do you like it?

--- End quote ---

You need to sharpen your "meld" skill set.

Microsoft offers a comprehensive AND very widely used suite of products with the ability to move from editor to word to excel to visio to publisher to pwp, etc., etc., etc,....

Microsoft advantages - easily self taught, widely familiar and utilized by dam near everybody,...

Microsft disadvantages - it's microsoft, with all that implies....





best of the above bunch (and priciest IIRC) is Serif,...

biggest things to keep in mind are:

ability to import, edit and export between .pdf, .doc and PSDs,...

your computer power: speed, memory, disk space, graphics,....

great software on less than great hardware is a waste of time and money,....

adequate software (like microsoft's) on a great hardware platform will be fun,...


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