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You've heard about Nukeworker and how great it is, so you got your screenname and you are ready to play. Great. Just a few things you need to know...

This site was started for 3 reasons:

1) A place for nuclear plant workers to network and share information on plants, jobs and other information useful to fellow workers.
2) Having all of that communication going on here made the site attractive to HR departments, recruiters and nuclear services vendors to post job openings and gather resumes from experienced professionals.
3) Another part of Nukeworker is to have fun.

There are presently 6991 users on Nukeworker (that's your first lookup, find where that is listed). When users post here, it usually fits into an already existing Forum, and Topic thread. That way, anyone interested in reading your posting can find it. If every user starting posting willy-nilly, there would be 1000's of posts all over the place. The board would be a mess. The donors, moderators and long-term nukeworkers who got this board started and sustained it won't be able to find timely information about outages and other short lead time job info, see #1 above. If the nuclear vendors can't get those people, this site doesnt make money, see #2.

So, you are new on board here, get hot! If you think that you need to post about parking at NPS, or how often you will get to use e-mail when on a Med through the 128 Topic threads already established in Navy Nuke. Have any questions that need an expert answer from someone still in, or just got out? We have excellent posters, and Moderators (we are here to help you out or boot you out, it's all up to how much effort YOU put in) that can and will answer your questions. Read through the Topics first, then ask questions. Just like you need to study the RPMs and learn the plant before you take your first UI watches, you need to take the time to learn where things are on this site, and how you can help make it a success. #3 never, ever, outweighs #1 and #2 above.

Liberty Call !  ;)


Already Gone:
To amplify some of HydroDave63's wisdom, I'd like to point out a few things:

1. This site is not, nor has it ever been, a military forum.  If you have a question about matters that are military in nature, (eg. "How many situps do I have to do in RTC?") take the question to a military website.
2. This site does not exist to mirror or echo the content of other sites.  I will immediately delete any post that has been obviously copied from another.  I will delete anything that starts with something like, "Over on, we were discussing...", or "I saw this question on another forum"
3.  There will be Zero Tolerance for posting material that is copyrighted unless you can prove that you have permission from the holder of the copyright.  If you find an article that is actually interesting to members of, you may quote small parts of it.  If the entire article would be of interest to us post a link to it, but do not ever steal it and repost it here.
So take a little time to read the posts before jumping in.  You will probably find more than you had hoped for.  You will almost certainly find the answers to questions that you never even thought to ask.


If you don't have the time to read through all the threads before posting, try to search for your questions.  More than likely there is a topic that has questions similiar to yours and this would be the appropriate place to post.

Take the time to write questions and responses using complete sentences with proper punctuation. 

You'd be surprised how much more help you will get from the good folks here if you present yourself in a professional way.



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