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And I do have a 'contract' by all legal definitions of the word, which was signed by both parties and details my pay rate, per diem, length of time, etc.  I know 'at will' employment means I can be terminated at any time for any reason or no reason (as long as it is not term for something that is protected by law). 'At will' does not mean my employer can change the terms of my contract without both parties consent.  This is a breach of contract.

I have reached out for legal advice and I was posting here to see if anyone else had been through the same.

We appreciate you sharing here.  I believe you have a very solid case.

Just curious, what are your losses? $10,000?, more?

Do you have assets to hire a lawyer? They will want money up front by the hour plus you'll pay expenses.

And while developing and fighting the case, who will hire you?

While the case may have merit, you may not do that well in the long run. If you can, go elsewhere.

If you have a legitimate grievance, contact the state labor department. If they believe that there is a violation, they'll have you file a complaint and they will investigate.

Thank you for the replies.  Bsdnuke - my personal losses are over $15K, not including the firm job I declined to accept the System One offer and the multiple jobs I passed on while I was employed by them.  And it's not just me that was affected but 30+ of my co-workers.  And I've been told by other people this is something System One has done at at least two other locations. 

One of my co-workers contacted an attorney who would not pursue based on either the inability to sue for 'pain and suffering' in breach of employment contract law or the 'at will' employment status, which means a company can basically say 'you're done' today but 'would you like your old job back at a substantial cut in pay' tomorrow? 

Scotoma - I don't see there is any recourse, I've contacted three states Attorney Generals with no response.  No one cares.  I just hope the word gets out about System One and crappy employment contracts in general.  My co-workers are scared and laying low until they find something else.  There are others in worse situations than mine and who wants to be out of work at year end or around the holidays? 


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