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Getting out after prototype with 3 years in, any advice?

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So long story short I joined the navy at 18, I broke my leg after powerschool, and 8months later was made fit for full duty and sent to prototype. I graduated prototype as an electrician but failed the next 2 PRTs and now I'm being sent out before going to the fleet. I know I don't have any fleet experience or anything like that and I didn't see any other posts that helped my situation but basically my question is can I still get a decent job without fleet experience and if so where should I start looking? Any help or information to at least help point me in any direction will be greatly appreciated, thanks


I'll definitely look into that, thanks. Does what I've learned over the past 3 years about being an electrician apply to the civilian world at all or is there some classes or anything I need to take? I don't have any type of degree, just the nuke pipeline

Why wouldn't you go to school?

Sounds like you were in long enough to qualify for the Post 9/11 GI Bill.

Advice?  Go to college, get your degree.

This will most likely be a repeating theme.

Best of luck!


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