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Picky about location; willing to learn.


I just came across this site and am trying to absorb as much as possible from other posts, but i feel my situation is more unique from what I've read.

I am a former EM2. I was only qualified as an EO when i was medically discharged in 2015 2 months prior to my 5 year point. I have great rapport with my old shipmates and ship if character references are needed.

I am currently in the Solar industry working as a field technician, but am not even being remotely challenged and yearn for the challenge of the nuclear field.

Apparently from what I have read: positions are few and far between at Michigan locations. I would really like to be able to relocate to work in the Cook or Palisades plants.

My question is how do i get my foot in the door? What would you guys recommend?

I am willing to start low and work my way up. I should also note that I am one class away from the TESU NEET degree if that would even be useful in this field.

Thanks for helping out yet another annoying nub :P


--- Quote from: Shhnight on Oct 28, 2016, 03:03 ---My question is how do i get my foot in the door? What would you guys recommend?

--- End quote ---

Apply for every job posted on their web site.

I would also apply at other plants, and when you get some experience if you can get in at another plant, you will be more able to go to the plant you really want to work at.  This is assuming you can't get into Cook or Pali.

It really is about who you know, how bad they need to hire, and how much experience/education you have.  If you can make a good impression (because the last thing a hiring manager wants is another guy that causes problems or won't do his job) once you get into the interview room, then you also have a chance.

By the way, many nuclear jobs are boring (not challenging) too and hiring managers know this, so have some good answers about why you want to come back to nuke aside from the challenging thing.


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