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Getting out in 2 years. What should I be doing?

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Hello and sorry to sound like a broken record but I'm getting out in the next 2 years and change.

Now most people here would probably say OH I want to work in a Power Plant/Conventional/blah blah

Myself I will be probably pursuing an acting career/comedian as that is my dream job.

But let me preface all this with where I am at and where I am in life. Currently I am stationed in JBPHH as a QA instructor at code 139 (yeah weird for a EM) And enjoy what I do there teaching and instructing civilians in QA work. The job they gave me is a one of a kind made up job that I happened to fall into. It's pretty open and I make my own schedule which was damn refreshing after serving on a sub. Anyway I own a condo out here that I got for a steal (in Hawaii prices 280K in Salt Lake is a steal FML) And already have a lot of equity that has formed from my owning it in just the past 6 months and will be selling it upon my EAOS for probably (god willing) a 50-80K profit. I'm also single and will not be married upon my exit and currently I've invested 56K in Mutual and managed account funds in prep for my separation.

Now having that in my pocket is nice but I wanted to hear some suggestions from where I am at. Luckily I was able to squeeze myself into gaining the 9502 NEC for instructor from Ford Island this coming January. Unfortunately I never qualified EWS due to my destain for the program in of itself. Don't get me wrong I love what the Nuke and Navy programs have given me.....but it's just not my cup of tea and I served 5 years of it to get my fill.

Current options for me are to rotate into school for my acting career in New York/ Commiefornia/Maybe My home state of Alabama or perhaps take a job at another one of my dream jobs in the firearm industry at Kel-Tec in Cocoa, Florida if I so choose. I also am looking into the reserves as an option. Currently I've been told if I do reserves I can sign up for it prior to separation and would be undeployable for 2 years after I get out due to my active time and from there I could decide if I want to do 20 in the reserves.

I still have the Montgomery G.I.(haven't switched yet) and will probably separate with about 150K-200K in my pocket with my home in Alabama paid for and able to be moved into immediately.

I must preface this with that I'm not looking to get into Nuclear work when I get out and have no interest in going up that totem pole again....and I am damn sure I do not want to go back to submarines. Been there done that....don't like the smell of recycled farts.

wow, what to type?!?!?

okay, thank you for your service, sincere thanks,...

this is not (is there a,...

so, this site is out there (partly) to support nukeworkers (there is actually a mission statement somewhere around here but it's too early on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving for me to ferret it out),...

I would not expect a lot of thespian support or know how, although I do know one nukeworker personally with some dedicated amateur thespian chops (who still does nukework as she is not able to pay for her lifestyle with the proceeds from her limelight ambitions),....

there are also a couple, maybe a few,  posters on these boards who have referred to past forays into thespian ardours here on these boards, and yet still, those posters pay the bills through nukework,...

so, if you wish to maintain your current financial independence as a nukeworker doing nukework these boards may be a useful place to gain perspective and counsel,...

if you wish to maintain your current financial independence as a thespian doing performing arts, this ain't the place Jethro,...

Enjoy the Day!!!!,... [coffee]

Sounds like a sea story


I tried comedy for a while. It was fun but needed my nuke job to support me.


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