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Getting out in 2 years. What should I be doing?

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You have a teaching background and it seems as though you enjoy it. The nuclear industry has openings for instructors, permanent and temporary. It may even give you the opportunity to try your comedy routine on a captive audience. I know a guy who has taught all over the world. When he gets tired of a place, or gets laid off, he moves on. 
The civilian side of nuclear is a lot different than the navy side. You might want to give it a try before you write it off. There is a qualification process before they will let you work in the plant. It involves some classroom learning, written tests and prac facs. If you leave the industry, you'll forget a lot (not a bad thing), so if you do want to come back, it could be difficult.
There is an employer section on this website. Call and ask some questions. You have 2 years to go and a lot can change. You have the luxury to explore your options. Good luck.


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