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physical requirements for armed nuke security


I would like to know the exact physical test one must undergo to get in as a security officer.
Distance must run and time and specifically what you must do for the physical test

I know this is an old post/thread, but I just want to clarify this as best I can for potential future posters and current lurkers looking for an answer on this (I've heard this question get asked a number of times by aspiring NSO applicants and new hires alike).

The physical agility test is a yearly test for nuclear security officers and it varies from site-to-site. It mostly depends on what that specific site wants. There are some NRC guidelines that have to be followed, but that still gives the licensee a decent amount of leeway to customize the test to their specific needs and preferences.

You won't get a definite answer on the specifics of the agility test(s) until after you're hired and badged, as the exact details concerning this are generally safeguards information.

You also have to undergo a physical examination (usually done at a clinic offsite) every year. And you usually have to do a respirator fit test (and usually another, separate physical exam) yearly as well. Those aren't too bad unless you've got a physical condition or multiple conditions that prevent you from being able to do the job competently. The NRC's website has more info on this if anyone's interested.


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