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Does anyone have a current web site address or an email address for Earth Science Inc?  I heard that they are looking for HP techs and Health Physicists, but I cannot find them on the Internet.

atomic aracheologist... all's i kin find is www.earthsciences.net, hope it helps yinze.

SloGlo  Thanks.  However that site is "Under Construction".  Oh well, I had heard they don't pay very well anyway. BTW, "yinze" ??

Rain Man:
Atomic Arch....yinze, or younze (definition):  The Western PA version of the southern ya' all.  We also say jagger bush, gum band, nebby, slippy, Stillers, an nat.


Rain Man  Thak you for the lesson in colloquialism.  The "gum band, nebby, Stillers, an at" I remember from time spent at Bettis Atomic Power Laboratory, but was not used to the yinze spelling.  The jagger bush is one that is new.  Is that a verb form, as in " I jagger...."? 


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