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Is the subpay worth it?

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I am a taller individual, coming in around 6'3 / 6'4. I understand the nukes on the sub usually get the higher reenlistment bonuses, and also get sub pay. They from my understand also get opportunities to advance quicker and can get more recognition for better or worst. But my question is it all worth it to my height? Or will it just be a headache both literally and figuratively?

   If pay is the issue I would say no. If personal advancement both military and personal growth I would say yes. I am from an older generation of subs, the worst height on the 637s was about 6'1" as they normally could walk around with not much problem but during drills when they ran they tended to bounce up into equipment while running. Taller than 6'1" they were bent over in about half of the boat anyway and were already cautious of equipment in the overhead. One of my nuke school classmates was 6'9" and was assigned to the boats. As usual YMMV.


same as always,....

go nuke because you want to be a nuke,...

go boats because you want to be in the engineering spaces on a boat,...

No matter what you choose you will have to sleep with your knees bent to fit in a rack. Surface ships will visit more liberty ports, consider if daylight and sunshine make your life better. Either type will offer you many opportunities to bang your head and knock your knees traveling through watertight doors.

If you're doing it for the money, the answer is, "No."  Submarine duty is a matter of pride, not money.


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