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Firstly, I acknowledge and apologize for asking for non-nuke advice, but this is, to my knowledge, the largest collection of Navy Nuclear veterans. It's their opinions that I seek in particular.

As of this morning, I am qualified senior-in-rate. Woo! My boat's about to go through a painful time where most of our EWS types are rotating out. There's talk of the impending qual wave to create their replacements. I have not, and do not plan to reenlist, but I'm curious about what you veterans think the value of EWS quals are to civilian NON-nuclear employers. Should I ride the wave??

I'm in the nuclear field, but I imagine you could use it to show small group management ability. You are, after all, leading 5-10 people from different divisions, to operate a nuclear plant during transient conditions to complete the mission of your command.

If you are interested in commercial nuclear power, qualifying EWS/PPWS and standing the watch for 2 years makes you eligible for Direct SRO (Senior Reactor Operator).

This means that instead of hiring in as a non-licensed operator and spending a couple of years working to get into a license class, a utility can hire you and put your directly into a license class.

That path is an adventure in and of itself, as many of the guys and gals on this forum will surely attest to.

As for non-nuke, leadership and the ability to manage a team of peers.  you need to be able to explain the watch in those terms, however, for it to be of use.

Best of luck and thank you for volunteering to serve!

If your EDMC, Eng, and CO can't sniff out your attitude toward EWS quals, they are failing as leaders.

I have a similar question I am a navy Ro and I've been trying to qualify Ews on my boat. Almost there but my time on my boat is almost up. How much value is placed on EWS on civilian side? I am at six years and will be going to shore duty soon. I will have a BS Nuclear engineering technology degree from excelsior college abit accredited. If I get out with no ews does that limit my job options? What's a good expectation for field of work and salary?


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