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The Value of EWS post-Navy

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--- Quote from: Alex512 on Sep 21, 2017, 07:54 ---I have a similar question I am a navy Ro and I've been trying to qualify Ews on my boat. Almost there but my time on my boat is almost up. How much value is placed on EWS on civilian side? I am at six years and will be going to shore duty soon. I will have a BS Nuclear engineering technology degree from excelsior college abit accredited. If I get out with no ews does that limit my job options? What's a good expectation for field of work and salary?

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1. Not much if you don't plan to be in a field with a bunch of ex-nukes.

2. Opportunities are commensurate with effort, communication, research, etc.

3. Probably $50-80k as a field service tech.

Good luck.

First, make sure you keep copies of your evals and pg 4, just in case you decide to go into commercial nuclear as being qualified (and having stood) RO for 2 years meets the requirements for direct SRO, although I don't know how many sites accept that. Outside of nuclear, the quals themselves are pretty meaningless unless there's a direct correlation to the job you're applying for. Your maintenance/I&C experience will help if you want to go that route, QA quals may help if you want to get into quality control, etc. In either case, I recommend looking at to see what certifications the navy will pay for and get those, as they will probably be a bigger help and translate much easier.
As far as field of work, what do you want to do? I've personally known nukes who've gotten out and done anything from insurance sales to med school and law school, so you can pretty much do anything you're interested in, if you're willing to put forth the effort to advance your skillset to match the job.

So what I found in the NRC requirement for direct input sro you need ews or eoow or be qualified Ro. So EWS is only needed for that aside from that if I don't go into nuclear power it really does not matter

Again no value. I wouldnt choose you based on that.


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