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First I would like to say it's been a while since I have been on here. I am back for a reason. I have worked with some of the best techs in the business. I have tried through out my 26 years in the Nuclear business trying to help people learn and teach them the best I could, I never missed a day of work in 21 years. I was never late.
I was told by a friend from Jesup Ga. tell me my second outage, if you tell them your going to be there. BE THERE. I have worked on every Holiday there is.
 I have now been forced to retire and have not worked since April 5th. 2015. I have lost every think I own, my gun collection my coins and silver collection just trying to keep my head above water. It's a hard decision to pay your light or eat and have food.
I have come here to ask my family of Nuclear friend and Co Worker for help. I have health insurance but that is all and I am grateful for it. I would be dead if I didn't have it.
One week about tonight I took a ride to the Emergency Room with sever abdominal pains, a CT scan with contrast was ordered. When the doctor cam back he said every thing looked good as far as my intestines were. But I have a hernia and by accident the CT scan caught one spot on my lower right lung. My doctor on Monday ordered another CT scan with contrast. This scan picked up two spots on my right lung. I have an appointment with him on this Monday.
I come here today to ask a favor of my fellow workers for a donation of just 10 dollars to by the basic need in life, soap , food , to keep my lights on and water. I wish and never thought I would end up like this. I humble my self before you. my family has disowned me. They won't help, I am now using a lawyer  to try and get my Social Security Disability, with they are fighting. I have been fighting them for almost two years. So while I wait for them and my Lawyers I have not money coming in. I do not know where to turn but here. A lot of you know me and have worked with me. I would not be doing this if I had any other way. I have tried every state program and there is no help, 10 dollars it not a lot of money but it is to someone with no food.
I will tell you my name and address. if you don't want to be know put my name and address as the return and the to address on there. It will get to me.
Every little bit helps. Thank You all and Mike for this web site.
my address is as follows:
Randy "Remo" Williams
305 East 15th St.
Russellville, Ar.
May God bless each and every Tech out there fighting the fight. Stay safe and stay away for asbestos Thank You for your time and understanding. Remo Williams. The adventure has ended.

Do you have a Go Fund Me account, they take a cut but they do provide a way to broaden your network.

If you set up an account you can come back here and post the link. Some people are more generous when it is easier to do so.

I tried that and it ended up with it costing me more that I got.
Update on Lung cancer. I went to my doctor today and he went over what was found. I have two spots that are 13 mm in size on the upper interior part of my right lung. I have to go
back in the morning and do some blood work I ask for a CA 125 blood test and PET test. If I have cancer then the CA 125 will show markers and he told if it came back with markers
He will set up A cardiothoracic surgeon, to go in and do a biopsy on the two spots. Other than that he wants to wait and see, 12 weeks to do another scan. If there are more I am screwed. And I told him that. I really don't like the ideal of losing a lung and before I consent to that I will ask him to send me to Houston to the Hospital that uses Proton blast to isolate and kill cancer cells, I will not do chemo or any other radiation.  I will post again as soon as I can. Thank Marlin for the suggestion but the last time I tried that my family disowned me.

Went to my Doctor today and I have two spot in the upper right interior region of my right lung they both measure 13 mm in size, He told me that this is the worst place to have them, They are not easy to get to. I Had another blood test today called a CA125 if it shows marker of cancer then I am headed for A cardiothoracic surgeon who will go in and try to get a biopsy done. I won't know about the test until Thursday of Friday. Until then . Remo

I still think a Go Fund Me account would help if properly done. I don't go there to look for something to donate to I donate when people or an organization distributes the link such as a number of veterans I have donated to. Nukeworker is one means to distribute the link asking people to pass it on by email will help as well. It is sad but true that many people will use their debit/credit card far sooner than write a check and mail it. Snail mail and checks don't compete with plastic and a computer. If your family is opposed to it they should pay up or get over it. As usual family is a blessing and a curse.

Thoughts and prayers from my house,



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