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Duke hires new operators from both within and outside the company.  Presently, the company is undergoing the "Duke Nuclear Advantage" and trying to downsize the work force and eliminate contract workers.  Depending on the site, there may or may not be new positions available next year.  If you could get a foot in the door as a vendor, even emptying trash cans, you'll at least meet some people there and potentially get your foot in the door.  The last few classes have had a good mix of navy nucs, engineers, and locals of varying backgrounds.  Most everyone has something beyond a HS diploma.

My personal feeling (shared by many who work there) is that since the merger with Progress Energy, Duke has taken a major downward turn.  Software "upgrades" are anything but, more and more equipment is being run to failure with no maintenance, and they're not actively hiring.  The accountants in charge seem to think that they can hire someone off the street to replace people and don't realize that it takes years to make good operators and engineers.  Senior management is too worried about their career, knowing full well Duke is too top heavy.  I believe that within a few years, Duke will be in desperate need of talent.  Right now doesn't seem to be the time and I'd suggest looking elsewhere to broaden your opportunities.  Duke has hired operators from other utilities.     

They just closed postings for NLO...only 8 for Oconee. Probably same next year.


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