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interstate mess..unemployment now being denied..please help

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I live in MN, company based in SC, have been working mostly NC & SC the past few years.
 Company told me to collect in MN because that is where my income and UI taxes are paid into, and that's where my wages are reported.
 That is what I have done for a few years, and it's been fine. My acct was audited for some reason recently, and they have now not only deemed me ineligible for unemployment in MN but want payback for 2017 (and hopefully don't dig back farther??).
 I tried to open an account with NC to file interstate (thinking they could pull the UI tax from MN and get this disaster straightened out, and at least I could continue to collect via NC until my next outage) but when I called NC, they have no reported wages for me and cannot move forward. No one has reported wages for me except MN
 I have an appeals hearing with state of MN in 1 week. Feel like I'm screwed. I contacted a lawyer who was of little help in terms of getting this straightened out.
 any advice out there?

a lass. yore tax home ain't mn. git a good tacks lawyer who is skilled at u.c., s.s., Medicare, etc.

The newer unemployment regs (2009ish) state you collect where you worked PHYSICALLY.  So the state your body was actually in while you did the work is the deal here...and not drunken state...ha ha.

hamsamich is correct.  If you are filing in MN to get a higher unemployment then you have messed up.  Granted NC and SC are two of the lowest unemployment states in the US but unfortunately you must file in the state that you actually worked.  Sorry for the lousey rate that they pay but that's the breaks of working in those cheap a--ed states.  Lived there for too many years and worked in them to many times.

But if you worked in MN at all physically in the last 18 months, there could be hope on the appeal.  That is your only chance I think.


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