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2017 average pay for electricians and how does OT pay work?


I'm just beginning to figure things out so pardon my ignorance if I ask for info that you seasoned fellas consider aggravating and/or common knowledge. What is the average 2017 hourly pay for electricians? What is the general policy (E.G. straight-time or time-and-a-half or .......) for the rate of pay for OT hours worked beyond 40? Thank you for y'all's time and assistance!

retired nuke:
Average where?
What level of experience? Specialized training (motors? transformer/switchyard? breakers?)
Utility employed? Contractor?

Overtime is generally 1.5x after 40. Union contracts have other provisions - shift differential, holidays, Sundy premium - depends on the contract, local, etc.

As you can see, there isn't ONE answer....


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