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i am new to this site, so i need some help here.  i was in the Navy from 2000-2003,  an MM i got out on a hardship discharge, but honorably.  i didnt qualify all the watches i wanted to or had to due to only being on the Stennis for a year or so.
 I've been looking to get back into the nuclear field.  Do you guys think i can get in with my lack of experience,  and if so what kind of positions would be available and what kind of salary i should expect to start.
 Currently i live in PA,  i do believe that there is a nuclear plant down here Peco?? or maybe Exelon.  if someone lives near here and can let me know i would appreciate it.  I would even be willing to relocate or travel  i just dont know where to start looking.
   ive also heard about something called outages which i would be willing to do,  but once again dont know how to go about getting into that

                                                                                         thank you,

Almost any nuclear experience can get you in the door. Depending what schools you completed in the Navy and what your specific duties were, you could possibly start off as a Junior HP tech (I doubt you would have enough at any duty to be a senior tech with only 3 years in). If you have just a little experience you could start as a deconner, especially if you are local to a plant. For information on what experience might count, try this link:,4395.0/topicseen.html

I assume you are in the eastern side of Pennsylvania since you mention Exelon (PECO is no more and was one of the companies that formed Exelon). That means you are near Peach Bottom, Limerick, or possibly TMI (an Exelon plant now but never a PECO plant.) All of those HP support contracts are held by Bartlett ( Their contact information is on their web page and their recruiters are very helpful. There is also a lot of job information on this site (surprisingly enough, under the "Jobs" tab) although most of that is not entry level, if that is what you qualify for.

As for salary information... that is way to wide a target to guess at. Depends on what you are qualified to do, where and how much you want to work and how hard you are willing to work to get what you want. There is a lot of money to be made if you are ambitious, willing to work hard and build up a good reputation, and flexible. However, it can be hard on families and you have to be willing to occasionally put up with some less-than-desirable situations (having been in the Navy I am sure you are familiar with them.)

Good luck to you. Keep in touch with NukeWorker, and if you do get back in the industry send in part of one of those big paychecks!  ;D

if you where a Navy Nuke.  Most plants are starving for operators..    I know that is a fact.  check it out.

would anybody know of some places to go to find an operations positions,  i would like to stay here or close to here but like i said am not opposed to relocating,  got any ideas of any openings or companies to look at 

  thanks guys 

To start check the Nuke Facilities link on the left side of the page.  PA is Region 1.  That will give you a list of the nuclear plants in the Northeast.  Click on the plants were you would like to work.  You will find information about that plant including the Utility.  Also you will find some of the licensing information, type, number of units, suppliers, etc.

For the company website you could do one of two things.  Google search for the name of the plant or the name of the company. 

At this point, look for the companies career or jobs section to watch for Operator, Maintenance, or the position you would like.


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