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Do you get that relocation money before you badge or after?

The new tax law no longer allows a deduction for moving expenses. These utilities might have to start providing some kind of relocation allowance or they'll have trouble getting hirees. The allowance will probably be reported as income.

When I got hired as an NLO for Duke they paid my move which was a full military style move totaling ~$15k...(2012)

When I worked for Entergy...I didn't need a moving package so they gave me a $10k signing bonus. (2011)

Navy wife of 20+ years, hub is on terminal leave now. Hoping to get an offer from any Chicagoland plants. Hub did interview for instructor Dec 2017. Was he did well but was told they decided to hold off on the position and offered him ILT. He is flying out end of this month for required tests. I really hope he gets it, I’m ready to move back home! Any advice on what to expect  or the process is greatly appreciated, thank you.


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