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PR Thing - Rad Waste Marbles?


Hi folks

Awhile ago the nuke plants were giving out little black marbles on cardboard backings. They were supposed to represent the high level waste each person would generate in a year of nuclear powered energy.

My lady collects marbles. I am looking for such a marble and an intact card. Anybody know where I can get one? Anybody have one for sale?

Thanks in advance,
Ellsworth Weaver

HydroDave63:  used to have them, but they aren't listed as an available resource anymore. You could still email them and inquire.  They were already pretty scarce when I was doing public tours in the 90s.

Having said that, searchng eBay for that specific item would be a good bet, but it may be months between sellers on something rare like that specific card AND marble combination. Another option you could pursue is to find an old card minus said marble, and attach your own marble. On eBay, there are several vendors selling large quantities of "vaseline glass" marbles containing uranium oxide, and they glow in black light. It would give added curiousity value to the intended audience (and a low low level source should you wish to demonstrate your pancake G-M probe for the audience).

Hope this helps,

Hey Doc - I might be able to help - I sent you an email.

I've got a couple of 'em, just shoot me an e-mail with a mailing address (unless you live in the Portland metro area).


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