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Hey guys, I've recently went over to medical for having depression get the best of me. I have been in for 6 years now, I was a mechanic on the ole Ronnie Reagan and recently reported to Ballston Spa to be a staff instructor. I have felt depressed before while I was a nubly nub, but managed to power through it and thought I left that part of my life behind me, but as time has gone by at my new command I was getting more and more depressed which was causing me to fall behind in qualifying and that made things get more stressful until not too long ago while I was driving home I just broke down(not talking about the car), so I talked to one of my chiefs and they basically told me to suck it up because they need the people here. I found that to be terrible advice to give someone asking for help, so I went over to medical to talk to someone about it, and lo and behold got my TLD pulled and thrown into limdu. Now I have come to the realization that the navy isn't really for me anymore and have been thinking about if I were to be separated what would I do after this. Does anyone know if job opportunities dwindle for someone that is getting out from depression? I would like to use some of my experience as an operator outside of the navy but don't know if they look into why I'm out before my contract or if they just see that I have done 6 years and not ask too many questions about it?

Depending on your medication, commercial nuclear might be out, but it may not be the best choice for you anyhow. There are plenty of other options, which include using your GI Bill for school and potentially Vocational Rehab through the VA (depending on your disability rating). Overall, job opportunities should be about the same as for a standard 6 and out. Try looking at Orion (headhunters) or someone similar.
As far as how to handle the questions, if you're asked, just say it was a medical discharge under honorable conditions (assuming that's true), however if your DD-214 says honorable, there probably won't be too many questions.

You went to medical, but you don't say what the treatment was for your depression. If you are depressed, you may not be making the best decisions. Go back to medical, and get on a treatment plan until you start feeling better, You have free medical while you are still in the Navy. If they discharge you, that goes away. You'll have pay for your own. Good luck getting treatment from the VA, if you're depressed, the bureaucracy is not likely to help the situation. My advice is to stick with it, get some positive counseling, and maybe some meds. Once you start feelling better, your outlook will improve, and you'll be better able to way your options.

I appreciate the help, im mostly asking these questions because im trying to get a better grasp on the situation from people who have experienced it or know of people who have, i always thought while going through that people who felt depressed just need to suck it up and they will be fine. But it happened to me on a day that was going very well.
So when i went to medical they took down some notes after i answered a questionaire and then went to schedule a appointment with a psychologist, but the only psychologist they have here doesnt have a open spot until a month from now. So they basically took me out of the situation that is causing stress and they are having me do therapy sessions once a week and if things get worse or stay the same then they will prescribe me some medication, as of right now im not taking anything. But i imagine that in a month of doing nothing i will get better since the only stress ill have is the thoughts of whats going to happen in the long run.

Please try not to think of things that bother you. Sitting around with nothing to do is often worse. See if you can find something to occupy your mind and find someone who is willing to spend time with you. Go sightseeing, sports, movies, church, educational activities. I suspect that this is difficult in your situation. Your therapist may be able to help you out.


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