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How to Criticise with Kindness

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Red Gold:

--- Quote from: TVA on Nov 05, 2017, 02:10 ---You are paid to take it. Just be matter of fact and move on. No need for kindness.

--- End quote ---

At the places I've worked, criticism delivered in the way this thread refers to - that is to say, in a harassing or unnecessarily aggressive manner - is in violation of company HR policies, and at those workplaces it's considered a duty to report harassment and toxic workplace behaviors if possible. So, you might say that you are actually paid not to put up with it.

You forget... he's an EGO... uh, I mean SRO. Nevermind, same thing.

* Disclaimer: I do not really  think all SROs are egomaniacal morons. But a few vocal ones seem to be.

Okay . . . I'm starting to feel triggered  [sos]  (searching for my safe place)

retired nuke:
Turning 60 in 2 weeks
getting ready to retire
"get off my lawn" is one of my favorite movie quotes
this is as nice as I will ever be again.

this thread started off wit a sub-lesson from the first day morning segment of a 36 our leadership certificate class.
dew knot knead two reed between the lines too sea whose bin thru that class.


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