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veteran's day 2017


sirs, aye thank you fore yore service.

I would like to second that and add '...and madams, too'.

Had a great Veterans day parade we marched in the Knoxville parade and one of our members a WWII submarine veteran was on the reviewing stand. He made four war patrols where his sub sank six ships (three men-of-war) and came within 100 yards of Japans coastline. We finished the float just in time for the parade, it was quite a project it was built with aluminum from scratch.


--- Quote from: RDTroja on Nov 11, 2017, 11:06 ---I would like to second that and add '...and madams, too'.

--- End quote ---
my bad n aye appreciate correcting the unintentional omission aze eye was using 'sirs' generically knot genderally. aye should have rote " sirs and ma'ams". after awl, aye wood knot want too give the madams control if any moor guns than the wons in there house.


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