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Diablo Canyon NLO/NPO


Does anyone know what Diablo Canyon pays the NLO/NPOs, total compensation?   I know that the NPO at Indian Point top out at $55.50 (2017) and average about 155-165k a year with everything, ROs make 190-200k.  Im assuming Diablo Canyon is the same since these plants are in very expensive areas.

Yes you are correct.  All topped out RP/CTs, IC techs, Ops dudes are all over Fity.   Be ready to be shutdown in 2024 or earlier...or later!  Houses that look like the belong in a 1950s atomic demo barracks destruction video start at 350,000.  Maybe you are from there and already know, but rents are spensive, Lucy.  1500 a month for something decent unless you get creative, lucky, can tolerate a roommate, or know someone.


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