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benzodiazepine on drug screen?

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Good morning all,

I used to work in nukes and now I'm in transmission with a utility.  I'm supposed to go to our local nuke to get badged next week for switchyard work. Last night, I was feeling a little restless and unable to fall asleep and my wife suggested I take half of her 1mg klonopin. I took it and crashed out. Those things works well. I thought nothing of it until this morning when I woke up and realized I will have a drug screen in two days.

Does anyone know if klonopin is part of a nuke drug screen? I could always just wait a week to go in for badging, as this is not a pressing issue.  I'd just hate to show up for FFD, get tested, and my boss get a phone call that they can't badge me due to a failed drug test.  :-[ 

Any info appreciated!

Prescription drugs are typically not tested for in the drug screen panel. Abuse of prescription drugs is a disqualifying issue. Hope that isn't the case for you. It's pretty well known that the drug you listed is commonly abused as a "legal" high.

It won't be tested for but taking someone else's prescription is a big problem by itself and could be disqualifying if it is discovered. By definition that is drug abuse.

any drug detected inn yore system witch was knot declared as a legal intake is a problem.


This is a good start on some light reading about fitness for duty programs. 


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