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About DOE and the Federal Budget (Hiring Freeze)


Is there currently a hiring freeze within the DOE? Also, when might it be over if there is one?

I haven't heard of a hiring freeze, in particular, though I did hear of a potential pay freeze. If there is one, only those with a crystal ball will know how long it will last. Last time was about 2 years, if I remember correctly. Was a disaster for manning at a couple of DOE sites that they're still feeling the effects of.

BossLady works at a DOE (NNSA) site and she has not heard of a hiring freeze. What discipline?

Currently, at Hanford WTP, there is not a defined freeze but they have placed a restriction on most all hiring activities except those that have been previously posted and personnel notified that they were being interviewed.  No additional hiring is occurring, for now. :-[

the word was put out a INL that all spending has been "curtailed".  my group had several new hires lined up but they were put on hold.  any major purchases have been delayed.  not sure of any other details.


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