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Does anyone know what all is covered in duke energys basic operator training? I've heard of being able to bypass it. Would that be something recommended if you have previous operator experience or is it best to go through it anyway? Thanks in advance!

retired nuke:
Unless you have been an operator in the Duke system, I would not recommend bypassing any training. While it may seem that it will be the same stuff, each utility and plant has a different way of doing things. Not bad, just different. Procedure use, plant fundamentals, safety culture all seem like they would be treated the same across the industry, but priorities shift based upon what the plant got spanked for last.
Do not hurry into the plant padawan - learn first, experience later... or the learning experience may turn out to be someone elses OE.

Thanks Dad

Thanks for the heads up! I know what ya mean and at first I felt like it would be a good idea but I'd hate to struggle with the bypass exam or something.


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