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Hey guys. So I have an interview coming up in april for a Nuclear Technician position with Vogtle / Southern Company. I recently just passed the Mass Nuclear so I plan to pursue maintenance eventually.

1. Whats the pay like as a trainee going into maintenance?
2. Also what is the pay when your no longer a trainee ans can so it on your own?
3. Also this is a bit off topic and I apologize but how long is the training program for someone planning to go into maintenance?

Thanks for answering my questions and have a good day people.

Have you tried google? I'm sure the answers to your first two questions can be found with a quick search.

Nuclear NASCAR:
Generally a technician is a maintenance position, so I'm confused with you saying that you plan to pursue maintenance eventually.  Do you have some of the job specs? 

1. Apprentice pay is generally in the mid $20 to mid $30/hr range but to get specific google is probably your friend as MMM mentioned.
2. Journeyman pay can probably be found the same way.
3. Depending on location it can be from 2 years to 4 years.

Some of this info, if not all should be available from your counselor if they are proficient at their job. 

Is it a union plant?


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