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POSS/MASS Question (Yes I have searched around)

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So are there questions on the math section such as area of a triangle and questions similar to that on the POSS/MASS Exam? Yes i have searched the forum but a good chunk of it is several months or years old and just wanted a updated reflection. The reason I ask is because I have purchased the JobTestPrep MASS & POSS practice sets and neither have problems like this on them.

Thanks in advance!

The practice questions for POSS are pretty good. They may not be what you'll see on the actual test, but they'll give you an idea of what is asked. I would be willing to bet that the MASS information is still pretty good.

I recently took the Mass and its all conversions. For example how many rods are in a chain? How many furlongs are in a rod? Weird conversions nobody really knows. My advice is to make flashcards of a lot of conversions. Its what I did and I passed. I also took Poss but did not pass on a Nuclear level. I passed on the fossil / hydro level. From what I can remember Poss is made up of three sections. A conversion section exactly like the Mass, a algebra section which you will deal with a lot of decimals and things of that nature, and word problems. It wasn't to difficult but from what I can remember there were no triangles. Mass math section was 7 minutes to do 19 problems. Poss was like 17 minutes from what I can remember but you had many more problems. They tell you wrong answers do not count against you however my professor told me to not guess and work accurately and efficiently as possible. I did not guess and passed and I have known people to Christmas tree whats left of the final two minutes and failed. So my advice would be study because it will show and just work until the clock stops. Good luck and I hope you pass.

I took a combined Poss / Mass the first go around and only passed Mass at a Nuclear Level. Certain tests like reading Comprehension, assembling objects, and mechanical concepts counted for both poss and mass. Then the smaller math (conversions only) only counted for the mass part. The bigger math was only for poss and had no effect on your mass score. The hardest sections for the combined Poss / Mass test was the patterns test(cant remember exactly the name). It was a Poss only test and the Conversions Mass test. It is imperative that you know some conversions before you walk in on test day. 7 minutes goes by super quick when you have you constantly look at a table for your conversions. My bigget piece of advice is to stay calm no matter what. Even if your struggling just stay calm because you will work more problems efficiently that way and its okay if you didnt finish. The only sections I actually finished were the reading comprehension and mechanical concepts.

Also one last thing I would like to point out about Math for the Mass is the answer N. If you did the problem right and the answer isnt up there mark N. I almost didnt and thought why would they make so many answers N? Well just be confident you did the problems right and mark N if needed. I marked N a lot so dont waste time going back to rework a problem you most likely did right and trust your gut.


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