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Hello all,

I have been in NUPOC as an OC for just over a year now. This has left me plenty (too much) time to crawl around the internet and research all there is to know about my next 5 years. This includes where people go after their initial commitment. I was looking at some lateral transfer board results from the last couple of years and noticed that a few NR designations lateral transferred to the EDO community. They pitch this as an option when you are applying to NUPOC but I had heard this is uncommon/nearly impossible in reality, mostly due to the lack of a warfare qualification. Anyone have any input on how/why someone might do this instead of going into industry as a civilian?

There are very limited NR engineer EDO spots. It is possible, but you have to be a top performer and lucky enough that there are available NR engineer EDO billets the year you are up for a lateral transfer.

So if you finishing your time as an NRE you can only get EDO billets at NR?

No. You can attempt to lateral transfer, but it is difficult.


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