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Need software for Thermo/Eberline RM25


I'm trying to locate the Windows software that was shipped with the Thermo/Eberline RM-25 Radiation Monitor. The name of the software was "WinRM25". The accompanying information would also be nice if available, "RM25 Calibration and Interface Software Operation Manual".


Robert Dorr

I would contact Thermo Fisher Scientific as I believe they are the company which has the access to the information you're requesting.
If I remember correctly, that WinRM25 is simply the Ops and Cal manual for your Microsoft compatible computer.

I have already contacted Thermo and the RM25 Radiation Monitor was discontinued long ago and the software is no longer available. The program "WinRM25" is the software that is required to be able to set high voltage, response time, dead time, voltage thresholds and alarm settings along with other things. It really is a needed bit of software to get the RM25 operating properly with different probes.


Here's the manual, for starters:

and this may help with sourcing your software:

Zenoss, Inc. ______ ______ The Zenoss Enablement Series ... › attachment › test

Sybase is a registered trademark of Sybase, Inc. Tomcat is a trademark of the Apache Software Foundation. vSphere is a ..... Additionally, ICMP (ping) requests must be enabled because Zenoss uses them as a source of availability monitoring. ...... Monitoring Windows Servers with WinRM 25 Zenoss Enablement Series ...

Thank you very much for the link to the manual. Since Thermo no longer supports this instrument they are of no assistance in acquiring the software as I have already spoken with them. I am hoping someone, somewhere still has an old copy of the software hanging around gathering dust and may be willing to share it with me. Thanks again.



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