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Multiple people gave you advice and you still went at it. Grow up. It’s a big boy industry

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   It would be nice if senior experienced posters were more mature and patient with those just starting out. Try to remember what it was like when you were new to this business and treat them the way you would have liked to have been treated and not pay the BS forward.

Not paying the BS forward but this guy wont make it in the industry


--- Quote from: TVA on Mar 31, 2018, 09:41 ---Not paying the BS forward but this guy wont make it in the industry

--- End quote ---

   Maybe but we should be facilitators not gatekeepers. It is up to an aspiring Nukeworker and potential employers as to who can really make it. I have been surprised a number of times on the career outcome of subordinates and co-workers who exceeded my expectations.

If you can't say something nice constructive ...  ;D

Yeah really.  This guy is just asking  for advice.  He didn't ask anyone to help him move.

Your job at the furniture store only matters because the nuke plants have to verify the vast majority of what you spent your time doing after graduating HS.  They don't like holes in your resume not explained by unemployment due to lack of work. 

Hopefully you didn't work without paying taxes and then tell the world about it here on this forum.


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