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Hello all, for I want to start off by thanking whoever is involved in making this forum and website. It is very nice to have a place to go for nuke worker materials and resources.

Now back to the topic. I was wondering if anyone had any information or updates on Nuke plants that are or may be hiring and starting NLO or preferably Initial RO/SRO Licensing classes now or in the future.

I have been at Beaver Valley as an NLO for 3 years and worked at Westinghouse in Piping and Pipe Support Engineering for 1.5 years prior to starting at Beaver Valley. Before that I earned a BS in Mechanical Engineering (with a Nuclear Engineering certificate) from Pitt and worked some random jobs while I was a student.  In a perfect world, I'd really like to stay at Beaver Valley; however, with the recent announcement of deactivation of the plant in 2021 I must atleast look to see what's available.

Thank you all for reading. Any advice anyone could offer on this topic is greatly appreciated. Also, my apologies in advanced if this post should have been posted somewhere else or if there is any other forum etiquette that I may have unknowingly not adhered to by posting this. Let me know and I'll fix it going forward.


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