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Too qualified for A-School?

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I am looking into my shore duty options now. I'm an E-5 qualified EWS/EDPO on a 688 and I am about 2 years from my PRD. Talking to my detailer I've been told that I'm essentially "too qualified for A-school" and that I will most likely be given orders to prototype.

Are they doing anything to make prototype less garbage of a shore duty, or is this just another case of the navy feeding me a s@#t sandwhich?

"Modified for language"

Try to get some condiments on your sandwich.  Goes down easier.

The qualifications for orders to "A" school should still be in the MILPERSMAN.

Look them up, go to your CCC or chain-of-command, and try to go from there.

1 of 2 things will happen; 1. the detailer negotiates with you (bets on that?) or 2. you get orders based on needs of the Navy.

Then, you either take what they give ya, stay on your boat till EAOS, transfer to another boat till EAOS (most likely requires an extension/reenlistment).

Not trying to be a smart@$$, just being honest and up front.

Good luck.

Uh why ask here? Ask the Navy

Why are you talking to your detailer two years out?


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