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I am new to this site and figured id dive right in, fingers are crossed I can get some helpful answers on here.

I moved to SE, NM for my husband 2 years ago. Previously I worked in the Financial industry as a Loan officer and when I moved I got a temp job at WIPP as an Admin.
With it being a completely new industry my learning curve was huge, but I found out that I have a love for the nuclear industry. The other thing I found out was I hated the duties of being an admin and sitting at my desk all day. I was envious of the people doings operations outside and underground.

So I started talking to the RCT's and the Waste Handlers there and really sparked my interest in the field. So now I am looking at becoming an RCT, but have no training or formal education in the area other than picking the brains of the RCT's and reading the training material on my on time.

Luckily my employer let me take Rad Worker so I have a little background knowledge but its not enough to get on board with the department.

My question for you all is, what training can I do online to help me stand out and further myself. Unfortunately in this area nothing is offered in the colleges, so I am limited to online classes.

Any information is better then the little to none I have now, so please feel free to flood me with opinions, tips, and information! It is all appreciated :)

Thomas Edison State University has an online degree program for a A.S. degree in radiation protection/health physics.  That should be good enough to get you an entry level position at WIPP.

First apply

With no experience the only way to get hired is to know somebody.  You can get a junior job with 0 experience but it is very hard to do.  Usually you have to have some type of leverage.  The best way to become an RCT without falling into it is to enroll into a local college that has an agreement with the local nuke plant / DOE site.  For instance, Aiken Tech near SRS has a program that sends most of its graduates to DOE as a new RCT.  Sometimes they will hire the entire class even if you haven't graduated yet!  Depends on need.  Some years graduates will languish for a year or more waiting for a job.  Find out how close you are to a local college near WIPP before you go after Thomas Edison.  Edison likes people who already have experience or a good bit of college already.  But if you can't find a local, for sure give edison a try.  The good thing about WIPP is it is in the middle of no where so if you were going to  catch a break and get a JR job, WIPP could be the place.  There may come a time when WIPP needs techs badly and if you are local you might squeeze your way into a JR job when they can't find anyone else.  JR contract jobs are pretty rare for DOE sites but they do happen.  Usually DOE sites hire senior RP contractors only and the new people they have recently hired house fill any other position.  Knock down any doors you have with the RCTs on the site, especially RP managers or supervisors and ask them the best way to get a job as an RP at WIPP.

Until you apply the answer is always no


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