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So, I am an operator at a petrochemical facility. I'm going tomorrow for my EEI test, and I know that I'm up against some heavy competition. I guess I'd like to know kind of how my fit would be with my current experience.

Right now I work in a hydrogenation process area. We have a slurry of alkaline materials being circulated with 500 psi Hydrogen that we manufacture and compress with steam turbine driven compressors. We do have radiation areas, but it is for level transmitters, not anything on the scale of what you guys deal with day in and day out.

I work in the field and on DCS boards (ProVox and DeltaV). I'm qualified in both. Field work includes operating and troubleshooting pumps, strainers, filters, shell and tube exchangers, plate-frame exchangers, electric drive compressors, 650 lb. steam drive compressors, methane reformer furnaces, acid gas extraction system. I pull samples and make adjustments based on analysis. We isolate, clean up, lock out, and prep equipment for maintenance and then unlock, pressure test, and start the equipment back up.

Talking to my nuke buddies, there seems to be a good bit of crossover, but I was wondering if any of you have made that jump or are familiar with other people that have.

Thanks for any input! Y'all be safe out there.

Finally got EEI results back, and I got "Recommended" on all the sections. Still waiting for more information and I'm in a crowded field trying to get in, but would still be interested in you guys' insight.

You wouldn't have been invited to take the exam if you didn't have an appropriate background. Best of luck on your interview!

Just be confident!

Hi All!

I have heard that there will not be an abundance of HP jobs in the future. I would like to verify this information with someone? anyone?

I was signed up for that Degree Plan and was told not to pursue this due to the lack of future jobs.



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