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Proving Age Discrimination While Seeking New Employment Opportunities

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--- Quote from: hamsamich on Jun 06, 2018, 10:44 ---I read his posts...just sounded like a dude asking for help but letting us know he was qualified without over doing it.  Jesus why can't we just help somebody out without calling people names here.

--- End quote ---

Okay, I was a bit rude.  It was a classic case of "been there, been that" and was tired of reading how, with all his qualifications, he couldn't find a job.  Somehow I've managed to make it through 50 years in this industry (counting my Navy time) and have managed to find a job each time and stay employed.  So, here I am, an old ex-roadie working as a Supervisor while doing training on the side including at the local college.  I suppose I should apologize for not being very patient or understanding.

I get it, he just didn't over do it like some people do.....we do need to know a little bit of info to be of any help.  SRS put some instructor jobs up.

Yep, two instructor/training jobs posted in the Job Feed of this very site.


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