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Faceing a seperation, so many questions


My main question that i cannot find is in reguards to repaying the nuke enlistment bonus. When I graduated power school and prototype i recieved my $11,000 signing bonus. I am now at 3 years active service and am facing an administrative discharge for adjustment disorder (form 1910-120, medical condition not equating to a disability). So will i have to repay half of the 11,000 because i did 3 out of my 6 years? Or will i not have to repay anything because i graduated prototype? No one seems to have an answer for me and just keeps telling me to just wait and see what my discharge paperwork says. However if theyre going to make me pay back money that i dont have then i want to really fight for a medical board instead. Ive been suffering from anxiety and depression for the last year and a half which gets so bad that i have lost conciousness from anxiety/panic attacks resulting in a medical emergency. The first case was in class in power school and the last time was 2 months ago while standing watch in EOS on the boat and thats what lead them to pulling me off of the boat and pressing to seperate me for adjustment disorder.


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