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Does anyone know if I can collect unemployment in WA. state if I cannot pass the Hanford CORE test ??   I have been here 2 years and am in the process of re cert .... I have failed their test twice , since they make it pretty gruesome here , and am wondering if I can collect unemployment if they let me go .... Thank you and Happy Independence Day ..... Laura

Did you receive a paycheck?  If yes, you should be able to.  If not you will be in for a fight based on legal mumbo jumbo and probably won't get it.  If you didn't get a paycheck you could always call the unemp office and talk to a supervisor.  Wouldn't hurt anything....

Go to the Washington state website, dept of labor (or something similar). It'll give you the requirements. If your employment ends, and you did not quit or were fired for cause, and you have enough work history, you should be eligible. UEI varies from state to state, but the website should have the info.

You should have no problem collecting.  Just don't violate any company policy such as "no call, no show" for three days in a row.  Make them go through the whole process of letting you go.   Hopefully you will pass, though!  Good luck

The issue may be they don't give you a paycheck before you pass the core sometimes.  So you are all saying it is that easy to get unemployment without a history of being paid?  Very surprised.


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