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Nine years nuke security, considering getting welding certs and going outage???


Hello all, new to the page, have a quick question for those in the outage field. I did security at North Anna from 2005-2014, have been self employed doing home inspections for the past 3-4 years. I'm thinking about using the rest of my GI Bill to pick up welding and/or machinist certs and considering outage work. Curious if anyone has input on that particular direction, pay, availability, and whether the past nuke experience, such as it was, is likely to help at all? Any input would be appreciated. Thanks all!

It pays well and the need is great for welders. Not just in the nuclear industry but throughout the construction industry. That being said, it isn't as easy as it may seem. If you don't have any welding experience it can be a difficult road. Most start in their teens or early 20's. You could try the nonunion route but the pay is typically less and no benefits. Union apprenticeship is a 5 year program. Depending on your knowledge, you may be able to test out to a 3rd year apprentice.

IIRC the last several nuke outage seasons have been busy, after this fall, the next several nuke outage seasons are lean,....

it's something to consider,....

supply and demand stuff,.....

thanks for your service,....


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