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Hey everyone!
This is my first post and I am hoping for some information. I am headed to AZ soon to test (and hopefully interview) for an AO position. I was wondering how long after being presented an offer, I would be expected to move there. Just wondering if i'll have a week or months to move my life and find a place that will let me have a dog (not everyone lets you have a pitbull unfortunately :( ). Any information or past experience would be wonderful!


Good luck.  I have had anywhere from a week to a month.  Most places will work with you (from my experiences).

I actually like live in tonopah so I'll offer this: My family has pitbulls and Mastiffs so I can tell you that it's hardly impossible to find a place. If you want to live in Tonopah, often the best place to look is the notices on the telephone poles near the Tin top. (It's a VERY rural area). If you want to live in buckeye or further out you can use or other traditional methods. Pets are still not usually a problem although apt building can be more difficult about pit bulls.

It's anybodies guess. Obviously, you have to pass the test first, and then the interview. You will meet with HR who will give you a info package and answer questions. After an offer, you need to wait for a pre-empoyment physical. I had to wait 2 months after testing and interview when applying for a rad tech position. There is a lot of red tape. A lot may depend on when they start new employee training. They may not want people sitting around, so they will hire you to coincide with class startup. Do they offer re-location expenses? Where will you be moving from?

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