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--- Quote from: aspiringoperator on Jul 23, 2018, 10:03 ---Hey everyone!
This is my first post and I am hoping for some information. I am headed to AZ soon to test (and hopefully interview) for an AO position. I was wondering how long after being presented an offer, I would be expected to move there. Just wondering if i'll have a week or months to move my life and find a place that will let me have a dog (not everyone lets you have a pitbull unfortunately :( ). Any information or past experience would be wonderful!


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Hi Bailey. As a long-time nuke recruiter, I can tell you that it varies depending on the employer, how urgent their need is, when classes start and a lot of other factors.

I would mainly encourage you to ask a lot of questions to whoever you are coordinating with. You're likely working with a recruiter or someone in HR, so just be sure to ask questions like the ones in your post at every step along the way. Your contact should be working to keep you informed and set your expectations correctly.

I think it's pretty typical for it to take several weeks between an accepted offer and your actual start date. If you're leaving another position for this one, my advice is to make sure that EVERY requirement is met for the new role before you give notice to your current employer. As for moving, you can do it on the cheap with Uhaul and some help from family/friends. Initially, you can likely find a hotel that will accept you and your pit (I have a pit and a boxer, btw!) at least in the short term until you can find long term housing. Alternatively, you can use your time out there for the interview to search for and secure housing. It's likely that the site has a bulletin board or similar for local housing, and maybe your recruiter can help make some suggestions as well. A lot of times when people relocate, they provide a package or some basic information on housing, setting up utilities, etc.

Whatever happens, best of luck in your new endeavor!!!


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