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Former & Current DoE Workers - Occupational Illness Compensation


A chemist sent a Dept. of Labor news release to me wondering if it applied to me or anyone I knew; I thought the best way to disseminate was through Nukeworker.

There are possible compensations and/or medical benefits for those experiencing illnesses from exposure to radiation or other toxic substances (e.g., beryllium or silica). The DoL Website also mentions work sites such as Paducah, Portsmouth, and Oak Ridge. Carefully read the benefits page on the DoL Website for specifics.

The news release:   The DoL Website:

NOTE:  This post is not intended to provoke a discussion about the biological effects of radiation exposure; my intent is to pass along info to those who may have a legitimate claim. That bears repeating, a legitimate claim.

Typically, the claims are awarded for beryllium and asbestos exposure.  The claim process (and the inevitable challenge and re-filing with more documentation) can be difficult.  There was a lady posting on here that would help people with the process.  Do a search for her posts, if you think this applies to you.


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