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Careers with normal working hours for a single mom.

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I’m a Navy Nukeling. Separating from Navy as an ET. Searching for careers other than the typical power plant with rotating shifts. I’m a single mother and I need to be home with my girls at night. Working on my bachelors currently to better my career options.  I’m fairly health conscious and sleep is important. Working the night shift and performing rotating shift work is not something i want to do. What careers exist for ppl in my situation? Any regular hour jobs for nukes? Am i searching for a unicorn at the end of a rainbow?!

You can go with I&C, Instrumentation and Controls. Commercial Nukes and Non-Nuke gen stations all have I&C people who do not typically rotate

retired nuke:
Electronic controls (I&C) are everywhere from power production, manufacturing to casinos.
Do not limit your focus to a dying industry (nuke is dying, nobody is comfortable admitting it yet) and look at a more general skillset - electrical engineering, grid stability, optonics (lasers!!) etc.
Just cuz Uncle Sam's Yacht Club trained you in one area...  ;) 8)

I work at a Nuclear facility and its a option. You would have no seniority so you would not get to choose. There are people who work shift wnd then there are people who work days. You could probably work and get days at a nuclear facility

In nuclear not for a rookie


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