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--- Quote from: HouseDad on Aug 14, 2018, 07:54 ---Electronic controls (I&C) are everywhere from power production, manufacturing to casinos.
Do not limit your focus to a dying industry (nuke is dying, nobody is comfortable admitting it yet) and look at a more general skillset - electrical engineering, grid stability, optonics (lasers!!) etc.
Just cuz Uncle Sam's Yacht Club trained you in one area...  ;) 8)

--- End quote ---

Apart from making me chuckle with the "Uncle Sam's Yacht Club," you're absolutely right with the advice to broaden the horizons a bit. That never hurt anyone.

First things first.  Since you may not want to work a nuclear plant which are in limited locations, you need to decide where to live in your new life.  Florida is not California, nor is Montana New York City.  Where do you want to live?

I have said for 10 years the industry was dying

you said it was dead...wrong as usual.


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