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Mike Keeley, a man I have had the honor to call my friend since his first outage at Calvert Cliffs in 1979 (1980?) passed away after a severe illness on Wednesday. I do not have the exact details, but I know his condition was rare and the progression very swift. I worked with him last April at St. Lucie and talked with him as recently as July and I had no idea anything was wrong.

I have no information at this time about any memorial services or other plans. If anyone has or gets information please post it here.

I also have no words to adequately describe how good a man Mike was. I have never met anyone that had a bad word to say about him. He was an excellent technician, leader, organizer and simply one of the best people I have met in this business. I, for one, will miss him very much. My very heavy heart goes out to his family and friends. I am sure that all of them feel the same way I do.

Rest in Peace, my friend, and God speed.

Worked with him at Lucie in 05 nights.  One of the best superVs and just best guys in general I have ever worked with/for.  Taught me alot...just a very good man.  Was the picture of health too.  Extremely sad.

Sorry to hear about Mikes passing.

I am really sorry to hear about Mike's passing away. Heard it from an old friend, by email, that he was gone. I had not kept up with him since the late 80's early 90s, but he was always fun to be around. Like the other notes above, he was a good tech. that could always be counted on and a great mentor with plenty of patience. I looked up his obituary and the picture of Mike was how I remember him, smiling and keeping us smiling. Seems you always think you would get in touch "one day" but that time sometime never comes. I hope the best for his family.

It's rarely good to here about a passing, and naught this.
remembering a good guy and hard worker, who's path didn't cross with mine often, but was all ways good.


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