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Asia, preferably South Korea?


Hi there! I'm an 8 year Navy Nuke Electrician separating in about a year and I'm trying to plan for the future to best set myself up for post Navy opportunities. It has been a bit of a dream of mine to live internationally specifically east Asia and ideally South Korea and I am doing my best to research opportunities but I would also prefer not to waste my experience for the sake of an English teaching gig where I make no money. However I have no idea what opportunities, if any, would lend themselves to my experience or even where to start. I thought you lovely people might would be a good resource of information or leads on the matter so any light you could shed would be great.


KEPCO is there, and their designs are being used in the UAE at Barakah NPP. Plus, they are on the short list to provide reactor designs to Saudi Arabia and the UK, at least that I know about right now. That may be a good place to look... however, I don't know how many roles they will have for folks that live outside of Korea and it is likely to be challenging to get on there as a US Citizen.


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