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Hey guys,

I've been in the Navy 6 years now. I'm an EMN1 qualified EWS/EDPO (have been qualified for a year, stood it for an ORSE), and I got the news today that I will be disqualified from both submarine and nuclear duty. With just over 2 years on my contract, I'm looking at getting re-rated and finishing my enlistment in a different field.

My question is this: is my NEC on my DD214 not being my nuclear supervisor NEC giong to significantly effect my employment opportunities? I plan on finishing my bachelor's before I get out but I'm heavily leaning on my nuclear experience as an in for civillian jobs. I have my nuclear experience documented on evals, and obviously my JST exists, but I'm very worried that it will be discounted since I lost my NEC.

Any and all help would be appreciated. Thanks!

Unless you're trying to stay nuke and go direct SRO, it shouldn't have an impact.

What was the reason for disqualification?


--- Quote from: scotoma on Nov 07, 2018, 08:10 ---What was the reason for disqualification?

--- End quote ---

you do not have to answer that here,....

but you will need to get comfortable with answering that question, over and over and over,....

good luck  ::) :) ;) 8)

Unless it was an integrity violation it shouldnt be an issue


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